Greening InsuranceCategories of Insurer Innovations

Understanding The Climate Change Problem & Solutions

  • Analyzing loss trends and assessing vulnerabilities to future climate change
  • Integrating climate change into traditional catastrophe modeling
  • Performing research on green technologies and climate change solutions

Promoting Loss Prevention

  • Traditional risk-management approaches to reducing climate risks, e.g. improved building codes
  • Improving land-use planning
  • Integrating energy management & risk management
  • Better management of forestry, agriculture, and wetlands
  • "Rebuilding right" following losses
  • Technology development

Aligning Terms and Conditions with Risk-Reducing Behavior

  • Mileage-based insurance
  • Assigning directors & officers liability
  • Recognizing and rewarding correlations between sustainable practices and a low risk profile
CO2-neutral und effizient 2008, In Kooperation mit dem WWF; silhouette of emissions at an industrial plant.

Crafting Innovative Insurance Products

  • New insurance products for energy service providers
  • Energy-savings insurance
  • Innovative renewable energy project insurance products
  • Green-buildings insurance
  • Insurance for the developing world (e.g. micro-insurance)

Offering Carbon Risk-Management and Carbon-Reduction Services

  • Climate risk management services
  • Carbon trading
  • Managing risk for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and carbon-offset projects
  • Enabling customers to purchase carbon offsets

Financing Climate-Protection Improvements

  • Preferential lending terms
  • Targeted lending

Investment in Climate Change Solutions

  • Sustainable asset management
  • Green buildings development

Building Awareness and Participating in the Formulation of Public Policy

  • Providing climate change information and education
  • Participating in the formulation of public policy
  • Endorsing voluntary energy-saving policies
  • Promoting energy-efficiency codes and standards

Leading by Example

  • In-house energy/carbon management
  • Sustainable operations

Carbon-Risk Disclosure

  • Disclosure to regulatory agencies: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Disclosure to investors: The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)